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I think I’m just a little too white to really love Public Enemy….

American Airlines commercial - New Plane Smell (by americanairlines)

Must’ve missed this last night…Aggressive move, licensing “Power.”

How hip….youthful…and “of the people”……eh.

I have a question.

How often are you amazed by music?

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Dude is LIVING.

Oh it’s harder to sing here! Well first of all, you’re dancing on the stage, so that you’re all loose and it’s easy, and everything goes together. And, you try to be perfect on stage, but it’s different! The moment passes by! But this is the definitive. It’s the end-all and the be-all of this song and…God!…That can drive a person crazy!

— Susan Browning, on performing in the studio for the original cast recording of the Broadway musical Company

                                                   .   .   .   .   .

This is one of my favorite fascinations regarding music, and the performing arts, in general: the dichotomy between the stage and the studio; between performing for a recording versus performing live.

That word just says it all, doesn’t it?  ”LIVE.”  

It’s stamped onto albums, it’s suffixed with exclamation points, it’s bolded on flyers, it’s thrown up on maquees, bejeweled in lights, as if passersby weren’t quite sure if Radio City Music Hall was merely throwin’ a tape of Bon Iver into the ol’ VHS for public viewing, or if Justin Vernon was going to really be there.  In the flesh.  Performing.


It’s a reminder, that the performance (key word, if you haven’t noticed already) you are about to experience is fleeting.  It will not happen again, the same way.  Ever.  So, by god, cherish it.

More to come on this subject, I’m sure….